Remarkable Professional!

"In my work with Stacey Spencer, I have found her to be a remarkable professional who has exceptional skills in motivating and communicating with students." - June J. Higgins

Exemplary Role Model!

“Stacey is a polished professional who has the ability to captivate an audience. She is an exemplary role model for young people.” - Barbara Wine

Caring and Capable!

“I can give you some adjectives that best describe her; Genuine, Motivated, Spirit-Filled, Knowledgeable, Serious, Caring and Capable.” - Nikita L. Gibbs


Tampa Bay Business Journal 2011 Businesswoman of the Year

Stacey Spencer: mentor, motivator, messenger, and host

Stacey Spencer graciously uplifts the spirits in what she calls “The Most Powerful 10 Minutes of Your Life!” Through a meaningful web of words woven into the hearts and minds of audiences young and old, Stacey re-emphasizes the meaning of high standards, meaningful morals, valuable virtues and priceless values.

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Motivational Messenger

Stacey Spencer on Daytime LIVE

Dedicated to helping teens

Stacey is the founder of Teen Tyme Productions, a non-profit organization established in 1999 under the inspiration of General Colin Powell’s “America’s Promise” which tackles the issues concerning the lack of Positive Programming on television for teens.  She also developed the “Seminar of Hope”, an intervention program designed to stamp out juvenile delinquency across the nation.

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