Remarkable Professional!

"In my work with Stacey Spencer, I have found her to be a remarkable professional who has exceptional skills in motivating and communicating with students." - June J. Higgins

Exemplary Role Model!

“Stacey is a polished professional who has the ability to captivate an audience. She is an exemplary role model for young people.” - Barbara Wine

Caring and Capable!

“I can give you some adjectives that best describe her; Genuine, Motivated, Spirit-Filled, Knowledgeable, Serious, Caring and Capable.” - Nikita L. Gibbs

Seminar of Hope

Stacey Spencer, Tampa Bay Business Journal's Businesswoman of the Year/Media Winner 2011 and Developer of the "Seminar of Hope" - a comprehensive program that structures a methodology of reducing Referrals in school and enforcing safer-living for youth to be implemented over the course of their lives. We specialize in a full-term youth violence Prevention & Educational Program. Stacey Spencer has been featured in Ebony Magazine, Charisma Magazine, and a Spokesperson on many Nationally Syndicated Daytime Talk-Shows ~ - Bullying Specialist Footage - Christine LeBlanc , Associate Asst. 727.754.5192 ~

Our Juvenile Delinquency Prevention program is titled:
“Seminar of Hope”

It addresses major issues facing high-risk youth exposed to weapons, involvement with gangs, drugs, and risky sexual behaviors, criminal and self-destructive acts that can lead to incarceration.

These issues are addressed through three (3) interactive training sessions that a Three-E-concept designed to redirect negative behaviors and demonstrate effective problem solving. We educate, encourage, and empower all participants to become the best they can be in today's ever changing society. Intense coaching during this 90 minute program, theatre of the mind role-playing comes alive through real life monologues of unseen eyes from behind bars. [Must Come To The Seminar To Experience The Vision II Freedom]…